The I Can Challenge “changed” Susan Williams’ life

September 14, 2011

At age 65, Susan Williams had to look for a new physician.  After receiving care through the military system for nearly 30 years, Williams and her family wanted to find a physician close to home now that her husband had retired.  Of utmost importance was finding someone that would help manage her diabetes.  She found a partner in Marijka Grey, M.D. at WellSpan’s Gettysburg Adult Medicine. 

“Dr. Grey encouraged me to think about fighting my diabetes in a whole different manner,” says Williams.  “Instead of just focusing on medication, she encouraged me to think about my overall lifestyle, including losing weight.”

On Grey’s recommendation, Williams joined Weight Watchers and lost nearly 80 pounds and was able to stop her diabetes medication and cut back on many other medications.

Unfortunately, Williams was faced with family challenges that made it difficult to maintain her weight and she ended up regaining a portion of it.  That’s when Grey suggested the I Can Challenge.

“The I Can Challenge has really gone beyond what I learned before and given me the tools to be able to be successful again.  The program looked at the big picture and included everything from goal setting, to portion control, stress management, physical activity and more.

According to Williams, the I Can Challenge has changed her life. 

“It has been a marvelous experience.  I am so thankful that a program like this exists in our community.  Between the program and Dr. Grey, I am blessed.“ 

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