Programs for the uninsured that WellSpan supported in 2013

December 10, 2013                                                      
Initiatives we support Who benefits? Our progress in 2013
HealthConnect, a mobile health care program that provides basic primary care services and helps individuals find a medical home Individuals who lack sufficient health insurance 812 visits

435 new patients

33 referrals to a primary care physician
Healthy York Network and Healthy Community Pharmacy, a collaborative effort that facilitates access to discounted health care services and prescription medication Individuals who lack sufficient health insurance$31 million of care provided to more than 8,294 members

9,215 new members enrolled

45,427 prescriptions filled
Community Health Workers, who help people navigate the health care system, enroll in public assistance programs and implement health outreach programs Individuals who lack sufficient health insurance and people of disparate populations331 individuals were assisted with access to healthcare and enrollment in health assistance programs such as Healthy York Network.
Family First Health’s Hannah Penn Health Center, a partnership of WellSpan York Hospital, Family First Health and the City of York School District Underserved adults and children, including those who lack sufficient health insurance and those with Medicaid3,071 acute and preventive medical visits

489 dental visits
York Hospital Community Health Center, which provides primary care services, women’s health care, HIV care and pediatric care for medically complex conditions Adults and children who lack sufficient health insurance23,632 primary care visits and 15,303 obstetrics and gynecology visits
Thomas Hart Family Practice Center, which is staffed by resident and faculty physicians at WellSpan York Hospital and provides acute, chronic, preventive and obstetric careAdults and children, many of whom lack sufficient health insurance25,798 patient visits
Family First Health’s Gettysburg Center, a federally qualified community health center that WellSpan supports to provide medical and dental services in Adams CountyUnderserved adults and children of Adams County, including those who lack sufficient health insurance and those with MedicaidActively supported the start-up of the center and its ability to attract 5,342 patients during the past year

Provided dental care to 2,536 patients who are uninsured and those with Medicaid
The George W. T. Bentzel, DDS Dental Center, which is staffed by licensed dentists and residents from the WellSpan York Hospital Dental Residency ProgramAdults and children, many of whom lack sufficient dental insurance14,237 outpatient visits
Hoodner Dental CenterIndividuals who lack sufficient dental insurance and who qualify for Medical Assistance or the Healthy York Network 5,934 visits

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